The reaction from Mastodon

Revealing my gender identity on Mastodon turned out to be quite the event. I really should have saved the title “My coming out party” for this post.

On Thursday morning last week, I began migrating my old Mastodon account to a new server with a new username. When that process completed, I published a series of re-introductory messages.

Then my notifications went crazy, sounding as if a caffeine-addled speed addict started slapping the bejeus out of my doorbell.

And when I could finally read the replies racing past, I started crying.

So much affirmation! So much support! Not a single NAZI or TERF among them. Just kind people welcoming and embracing me. They were—every one of them—wonderful.

But… but it didn’t stop. Not on Thursday, not even on Friday. By the time the deluge slowed, there were hundreds and hundreds of comments. And over a thousand new followers. I lost track of how many boosts and favorites were sent my way.

Of course, I had to reply to all of them. I was compelled to acknowledge each kindness, not just with a rubberstamped message but crafted words for all those who made the same kind of effort for me.

And sometime late Saturday night, I finally managed to catch up to the latest comments. I also followed back anyone who sent a message that I wasn’t already following.

It was totally worth the time and the typing. Because people and connections matter. That’s why I belong to a social network in the first place.

Anyway, this is my love letter to all of you on Mastodon. Thank you, again.



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  1. Jack Yan (甄爵恩) Avatar

    @lisa Yay, this is so encouraging and good on you!

    1. lisa Avatar

      Thank you! 😊🥰💖

  2. Jessica Canady Avatar

    @lisa You love to see it! Glad to have you around the fediverse, sister. 🏳️‍⚧️

    1. lisa Avatar

      Indeed and thank you! Glad to be here. 😊🥰💖

  3. $8Troll Avatar

    @lisa You are not required to catch up on a deluge of love. It is! It is love, whether responded to or not.

    1. lisa Avatar

      Awwww, that’s sweet. But I’m a crazy completist. 😂 Thank you! 😊🥰💖

  4. SherBeareth⚜️ Avatar

    @lisa Beautifully said. In the old days in-person was the worst drama!

    1. lisa Avatar

      Very true and thank you! 😊🥰💖

  5. Mark Chandler Avatar

    @lisa Self-determination is punk AF.

    1. lisa Avatar

      Isn’t though? 😎 And thank you! 😊🥰💖

  6. (((Jann Gobble)))🏳️‍🌈 Avatar

    @lisa We absolutely love you to pieces, Lisa.I hope you now know that…I know it's easy not to see past the pain in our lives – to see how many truly loving and sweet people there are out there who really want nothing but the best for you. We tend to worry and expect the worst in our lives.I'm also so truly grateful this experience happened after you migrated from the hellscape to Mastodon – giving you more access to wonderfully caring people.

    1. lisa Avatar

      Awwww, now I’m crying again. 🥲 I’m so glad I migrated, too. Mastodon really has been the right place for me. You are right about the people, yourself included! 😊🥰💖

  7. PencilGirlKay :mstdnca: 🇨🇦 Avatar

    @lisa There's being brave and then there's being BRAVE! You, Lisa Melton, are the BRAVEST person I know. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

    1. lisa Avatar

      Oh wow! That is such an awesome compliment. And humbling. Especially when this is all so scary. Thank you, thank you! 😊🥰💖

  8. @pineywoozle Avatar

    @lisa So glad it was positive. 🥰👍You’re a sweet person and like all of us you deserve to see that reciprocated.

    1. lisa Avatar

      Oh, thank you so much! That is such a kind thing to say. 🥲😊🥰💖

  9. Monica Rooney :CApride: Avatar

    @lisa @lisamelton I’m so glad we could give you a good welcome! 🥰

    1. lisa Avatar

      You certainly did that! 😂 Much more, actually. And it’s really appreciated. 😊🥰💖

  10. Jeri Dansky Avatar

    @lisa I didn't reply to your first post because I thought you'd just be overwhelmed with all the responses. But I'm just as thrilled as everyone else to see you here, and glad to know everyone has been as welcoming as I would have hoped.And following you for the first time has certainly made my timeline better!

    1. lisa Avatar

      Turns out you were right about that! 🤣 Thanks for the welcome and following me. Here’s hoping I don’t overwhelm your timeline. 😊🥰💖

  11. Joe Avatar

    @lisa Thanks for being you, Lisa, and for contributing so much to Mastodon and to the Web before that.

    1. lisa Avatar

      Awwww, thank you and you are very welcome! 😊🥰💖

  12. Dr. Kristi Meeuwse Avatar

    @lisa So very happy for you! I do love the kindness and support on this platform and am glad you received so much affirmation!

    1. lisa Avatar

      The community truly is amazing, isn’t it? And thank you for giving your own affirmation! 😊🥰💖

  13. Itzy :v_enby: :v_trans: Avatar

    @lisa I do love it here, and I’m glad I found this place so early in my transition. I’m so happy you are here in this comm

    1. lisa Avatar

      Congratulations on transitioning! 🏳️‍⚧️🎉 I sometimes wonder how much Mastodon helped breaking my egg. 😊 And thank you! 🥰💖

  14. Bowreality Avatar

    @lisa I am glad to hear that. As it should be! I could only read your first part of the intro. Not sure why the other parts weren’t showing up.

    1. lisa Avatar

      Thank you! 😊🥰💖 But I’m sorry you weren’t able to read the whole post. It’s longer than 500 characters and uses some special formatting. So maybe that’s the problem? Or maybe it’s the Mastodon client you’re using? I have no idea.

  15. We Can Be Gyros Avatar

    @lisa you have an Amazing and Beautiful Heart. I'm so glad I know you. You help so many of us here in the fediverse. :ablobcatbouncefast: :ablobcatbouncefast: :ablobcatbouncefast:

    1. lisa Avatar

      Oh, thank you! That’s so kind. 😊🥰💖

  16. Wizard Bear Avatar

    @lisa Love your voice here. We were following each other on your account. Following you here now. All the best to you and wishing you all good things in your life.

    1. lisa Avatar

      Thanks for following both of my accounts! And for those well wishes. 😊🥰💖

  17. Jennifer Wojcik Avatar

    @lisa Congratulations and happy birthday! 🙂 ❤️

    1. lisa Avatar

      A happy birthday wish is awesome and welcome. 😉 Thank you! 😊🥰💖

  18. Stephen Bannasch Avatar

    @lisa that’s just wonderful! Now I’m crying.

    1. lisa Avatar

      We can be weepy together! Thanks. 😊🥰💖

  19. Kat the Leopardess Avatar

    @lisa So happy when I see people living authentically. I know that not everyone can feel safe doing so.It is nice to meet you, Lisa.

    1. lisa Avatar

      Authentic is a great way to put it. I’m trying anyway. And nice to meet you, too! 😊🥰💖

  20. Farah Avatar

    @lisa we love you too, Lisa!

    1. lisa Avatar

      Awwww, you’re so sweet. 🥲 Thank you! 😊🥰💖

  21. Shawn King Avatar

    @lisa Nothing but 🤗 and 🥰 from my corner of the internet!

    1. lisa Avatar

      Then that’s a great corner to be in! Thanks as always. 😊🥰💖

  22. Many Irenes Avatar

    @lisa aaaa~ <3 so glad it went well

    1. lisa Avatar

      Thank you! 😊🥰💖

  23. Karl Habermas Avatar

    @lisa Thank you for enriching the platform.

    1. lisa Avatar

      You are very welcome and thank you for thinking so! 😊🥰💖

  24. Nomdeb Avatar

    @lisa Just so delighted this was so positive for you. As it should be. You are so much valued and appreciated. ROCK ON LISA! Welcome to the sisterhood. 🙂

    1. lisa Avatar

      Thank you for making it even more positive! Being part of the sisterhood is what I’ve always what I wanted. 😊🥰💖

  25. Walker Avatar

    @lisa @lisamelton I’m so happy you found yourself, Lisa. This is like an all new birthday! Welcome!

    1. lisa Avatar

      You’re right, it is like a new birthday. Very well put and thank you for the warm welcome! 😊🥰💖

  26. Sphinx of Black Quartz Avatar

    @lisa Congratulations, Lisa! 🎉

    1. lisa Avatar

      Thank you! 😊🥰💖

  27. Allison Clift-Jennings Avatar

    @lisa awww I love this! Welcome to the truer you! Yaaaaasss

    1. lisa Avatar

      The truer me. Yes. Thank you for understanding so well! 😊🥰💖

  28. JustAFrog Avatar

    @lisa It was definitely a very special occasion.I just hope you weren't too worn out by the end of writing all those replies.Bet you knocked a month's durability off your input devices the past few days.

    1. lisa Avatar

      LOL! 🤣 Yes, I have definitely pummeled my keyboard and mouse the last few days. 😊🥰💖

  29. Allie Avatar

    @lisa that's so great to hear you had a happy and loving public coming out! Congrats on being exactly who you are Lisa!

    1. lisa Avatar

      Thank you! 😊🥰💖

  30. Jason Quinn Avatar

    @lisa It’s a beautiful thing to see such love and support here!

    1. lisa Avatar

      Thank you and, yes, I am very grateful for all of you here! 😊🥰💖

  31. Steven Hoefer Avatar

    @lisa It has been wonderful to see. Thank you for being here. Thank you for sharing. :heart_sp_trans:

    1. lisa Avatar

      Thank you and you are very welcome! 😊🥰💖

  32. Kevin Glowacz Avatar

    @lisa I’m so glad to hear it was a positive experience! I found you early in my mastodon journey, and you have shown me so many great people and posts through all your boosts

    1. lisa Avatar

      Thank you and it was my pleasure! 😊🥰💖

  33. Robin Nicole Avatar

    @lisa So glad that you have finally settled and are comfortable enough to share your beautiful wings on Mastodon. Thanks to everyone who made this moment the celebration of your authentic self, as it should be… greeted with love/acceptance/kindness.🌈🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🩷🩵🤎🖤🩶🤍🌈🌈

    1. lisa Avatar

      Awwww, thank you and I just love all those emojis! 😊🥰💖

  34. 💙 I Bleed Blue 💙 Avatar

    @lisa Life lesson…Those that matter don't careThose that care don't matter🫂#MastodonRocks

    1. lisa Avatar

      Indeed and well put! 😊🥰💖

  35. Kat A Klysm Avatar

    @lisa @Skepticat it’s just so wonderful seeing someone being their true selves 💜 and the trans community on here is so welcoming! I’m cis, but I love seeing all the joy and gender euphoria.

    1. lisa Avatar

      Now that is an enlightened way to view it. Thank you so much for appreciating our euphoria! 😊🥰💖

  36. Mike Cohen Avatar

    This made me so happy. Mastodon is such a welcoming community.

    1. lisa Avatar

      Thank you and it certainly is! 😊🥰💖

  37. Kel Stewart Avatar

    @lisa I’m glad you found yourself <3 Now we can get to know you too.

    1. lisa Avatar

      Thank you so much! 😊🥰💖

  38. Imdat Celeste :v_nb: :v_tg: Avatar

    @lisa And we all love you. I remember when you came to us and told us about your realization that you are trans and that you want to come out. On one hand, it feels like just yesterday, on the other like a hundred years ago. I am absolutely delighted to see you happy, content and aligned with yourself.💜

    1. lisa Avatar

      Oh, that’s such a sweet thing to say. Thank you so much! You’re making this girl cry now. 😊🥰💖

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