My name is Elizabeth but please call me Lisa.

I’m probably best known as the person who started the Safari and WebKit projects at Apple. You may think you know my deadname but… you don’t.

My formal education includes an associate degree in art and dropping out of a bachelor program in religion.

After drawing underground comics in the 70s, I pioneered using the Macintosh for information graphics at newspapers in the 80s.

I began the 90s by getting married, having a child and buying a home. During that decade I engineered or managed various software projects including Macromind Director, Adobe Illustrator and Netscape Navigator.

The new century started with a short stint directing Nautilus at Eazel and then settling in at Apple to work on Web browsers and other Internet technologies.

I retired from The Fruit Company in 2012 and began writing a blog, appearing on various podcasts and developing video transcoding software.

On January 26, 2023, I finally admitted to myself that I’m transgender. And on March 23 of that year began medical transition to female.

My pronouns are she/her.

I still live in the California Bay Area and I’m still a massive nerd. That hasn’t changed and probably never will.

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